Is Tequila Good for You?

Consumers today have never been more focused on what goes into their bodies. Walk through a local grocery store, and you’ll see organic food aisles, products labeled as “All Natural,” and meats and vegetables advertised as antibiotic and pesticide free. At a time when so many consumers are health conscious, many are asking the question — is tequila good for you?

The idea of a healthy spirit has a lot of obvious appeal. When hanging out with friends or celebrating special occasions, it’s nice to know your options for enjoying a low-calorie cocktail that doesn’t contain additives or artificial flavoring. But is any spirit good for you? Is tequila healthy compared to other types of spirits? Are there actually health benefits of tequila? Let’s take a look.

Is Tequila Good for You?

The idea that tequila, or any spirit, is “good for you” is complicated. Alcohol consumption can cause negative health consequences when not enjoyed in moderation. Yet, when enjoyed responsibly, tequila does offer a few healthy benefits compared to other types of spirits.

The health benefits of premium tequila largely stem from having fewer calories than other types of liquor and the fact that it is made from 100% agave and contains no additives. However, it’s important to note that not all tequilas are made from 100% agave. Mixto tequilas are made from 51% agave, and use artificial flavorings and added sugars to compensate for their lower agave content, which may remove some of the health benefits of tequila.

There are generally two ways you can tell the difference between a mixto and a premium tequila. One is price. Growing agave for tequila production is a long process that requires patience. The more agave in a tequila, the higher its price.

The other way to tell the difference is by carefully reading the label. A premium tequila will state clearly that it’s made from 100% agave. A mixto will say it’s made from agave, but it won’t usually disclose the percentage. As a general rule of thumb, consider any tequila not labeled as “Made From 100% Blue Agave” a mixto.

What are the Benefits of Drinking Tequila?

Several studies have found that drinking tequila made from 100% agave offers a few advantages. However, the results of these studies have yet to be conclusively proven, and you should always check with your doctor before making any significant changes to your diet.

Drinking tequila made without additives or artificial flavoring means you taste the pure essence of the agave as the tequila maker intended, but studies also suggest some health benefits of tequila that may surprise you.

Research has found evidence that suggests drinking 100% agave tequila may:

  • Lower the risk of hangovers. Studies have found that spirits containing additives are more likely to cause a hangover than those made only from natural ingredients.
  • Prevent allergic reactions. Tequilas made with additives don’t always clearly state what the spirit contains. Avoiding unnecessary sugars and artificial ingredients may be a better choice for health-conscious consumers and those with allergies.
  • Improve digestion. Studies suggest that the natural sugars in tequila can help the body’s digestive system grow more beneficial bacteria.
  • Help lose weight. Tequila enables the body to better absorb calcium, which increases its ability to burn fat.
  • Strengthen bones. In addition to losing weight, tequila’s ability to help the body absorb calcium in the blood makes bones stronger and more resilient.
  • Improve sleep. Moderate tequila consumption can help relax the nervous system, making falling and staying asleep easier.
  • Help manage pain. Drinking tequila causes blood vessels to dilate, which improves blood flow and reduces pain and inflammation.
  • Boost the immune system. Tequila’s natural antioxidants can help strengthen the body’s immune system against disease.
  • Reduce dementia risk. One study found that seniors who consumed between 8 to 14 alcoholic drinks a week had a lower risk for dementia compared to those who didn’t drink.

While the benefits of drinking tequila may make it a slightly healthier alternative than other spirits, it’s important to always be responsible when drinking.

Is Tequila Healthier Than Other Spirits?

Tequila contains fewer calories and sugar than other spirits, making it a slightly healthier alternative. However, tequila is only lower in calories when consumed neat. When added to a cocktail higher in sugar, like a margarita, tequila loses some of its low-calorie appeal.

Let’s take a look at the calories in a standard 1.5-ounce pour of the most popular spirits and alcoholic beverages:

  • 80-proof Tequila — 97 calories
  • 80-proof Vodka – 97 calories
  • 80-proof rum — 97 calories
  • 80-proof cognac — 105 calories
  • 86-proof whiskey — 105 calories
  • 90-proof Gin — 116 calories
  • 5oz. Red wine — 125 calories
  • 5oz. White wine — 128 calories
  • 12oz. Regular beer — 153 calories
  • 4oz. Margarita — 168 calories
  • Vodka Tonic — 189 calories
  • 8oz. Tequila Sunrise — 232 calories
  • 12oz. Craft beer — 170-350 calories

Tequila offers a lower-calorie alternative to other popular drink choices. Just be mindful when mixing tequila to keep the calorie count low.

It’s Always Better When it’s Suavecito Tequila

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