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Suavecito Blanco Tequila

Blue Weber Agave

100% Blue Weber Agave

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2% Unfermented
Agave Returned

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Made in Mexico

Certified Kosher - Suavecito Tequila

Certified Kosher

The remarkably rich and smooth flavor of Suavecito begins with our Blanco. Crafted from 100% blue agave cultivated at an altitude of 7,000 feet in Mexico’s Central Highlands, we employ age-old distillation techniques to produce this quintessential tequila that boasts a character entirely its own. Although irresistibly delightful when sipped neat, our Blanco seamlessly blends into any cocktail to enhance its overall flavor.


Aging: Unaged, double-distilled Agave

Aroma: Wisps of vanilla swirl around freshly cut agave, with subtle hints of olive and fig

Color: Mountain spring water clear

Flavor: A light touch of sweet agave.

Finish: A mild, lingering finish of cooling mint

Frequently Asked Questions

Blanco tequila is an unaged, clear tequila that offers a pure representation of the agave from which it’s made. It is often called “silver” or “white” tequila due to its transparent color.

“Regular” tequila can refer to any category of tequila (Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, or Extra Añejo), depending on the context. Blanco is distinguished by its lack of aging, offering a fresh, vibrant taste of agave, while other categories like Reposado or Añejo are aged and have nuanced flavors imparted from the barrels they are aged in.

While many tequila aficionados appreciate sipping Suavecito Blanco Tequila to experience the distinct agave flavor, it is also commonly used in cocktails. Whether or not it’s a sipping tequila often comes down to personal preference.

Absolutely! Many tequila enthusiasts enjoy Suavecito Blanco Tequila straight to appreciate its pure, unaltered taste. Its fresh and vibrant flavor profile shines when consumed neat.

The term “cleanest” can refer to the taste or production process. Tequilas made using 100% agave, like Suavecito Blanco Tequila, are often considered cleaner in taste compared to mixtos made from agave and other additives. A clean production process, which avoids additives and respects traditional methods, also contributes to a cleaner-tasting tequila.

Like any alcoholic beverage, overconsumption of Suavecito Blanco Tequila can lead to a hangover. However, high-quality, 100% agave tequilas are often associated with fewer hangover symptoms than lower-quality alternatives. Always drink in moderation and stay hydrated.

While it’s not necessary to chill Suavecito Blanco Tequila, some people prefer it slightly chilled, especially when sipping neat. If you’re using it in a cocktail, it’s often mixed with other chilled ingredients.

Suavecito Blanco Tequila is unaged. It is bottled shortly after distillation, preserving the distinctly vibrant flavors of the agave.

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