Suavecito Extra Añejo Tequila

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Suavecito Extra Añejo Tequila

Blue Weber Agave

100% Blue Weber Agave

Drop of Suavecito Extra Añejo Tequila

2% Unfermented
Agave Returned

Suavecito Extra Añejo Tequila Barrel

Made in Mexico

Certified Kosher - Suavecito Tequila

Certified Kosher

Exquisitely aged for five years — two years longer than required — in retired American Oak Bourbon barrels, our small batch Extra Añejo develops profound depth and sophistication. During this patient maturation process, it embraces a luscious caramel hue and attains a remarkably smooth finish and a flavor that’s indelibly unforgettable. Best savored during memorable moments or whenever the desire for an exceptional tequila arises, it stands as a testament to the artistry of time and the pursuit of excellence.


Aging: Aged for 5 years in retired American Oak Bourbon barrels — two years longer than what’s required by the Tequila Regulatory Council

Aroma: Rich wood, indulgent caramel, seductive spices

Color: Burnished bronze with a mahogany hue

Flavor: Silky caramel, decadent chocolate, subtle cinnamon

Finish: Delicately smooth, velvety, and luxuriously buttery in texture

Frequently Asked Questions

Suavecito Extra Añejo Tequila represents the pinnacle of tequila aging. It is aged in oak barrels for five years to create a tequila with an incredibly rich, complex, and mature flavor profile.

Suavecito Extra Añejo’s extended aging process demands more time, storage, and resources to create, leading to more significant evaporation losses (known as the “angel’s share”). The longer barrel aging also means the barrels cannot be reused quickly. Each of these steps contributes to the tequila’s premium price.

Absolutely. The prolonged aging process imparts an unparalleled smoothness to Suavecito Extra Añejo, making it one of the easiest drinking and most remarkable tasting tequilas available.

Regarding alcohol content, Suavecito Extra Añejo does not have a higher proof than comparable tequilas of a similar quality. However, its flavor and aromatic profile are notably richer and more intense due to the extended aging.

Suavecito Extra Añejo Tequila is best savored neat in a Double Old Fashioned glass or a glass designed for tasting Tequila, such as a Glencairn or Riedel Tequila tasting glass This allows the intricate flavors and aromas to be fully appreciated.

Due to the extended aging, Suavecito Extra Añejo often has sweet undertones of indulgent caramel and seductive spices, resulting from the prolonged interaction with the oak barrels.

Suavecito Extra Añejo Tequila is primarily enjoyed as a sipping tequila, given its complex and layered flavor profile that deserves unhurried appreciation.

Suavecito Extra Añejo Tequila offers a symphony of flavors, including rich caramel, oak, vanilla, and spices, all underpinned by the core agave taste. The extended aging imparts depth and sophistication to its profile.

While Suavecito Extra Añejo Tequila can undoubtedly be used in cocktails, it’s often reserved for sipping due to its premium nature and complexity. Using it in a margarita might overshadow the nuanced flavors that make it special.

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