Suavecito Tequila

Small Batch, Handcrafted Tequila for the True Connoisseur

Traditional tequila is meant to be savored, not salted, or chased. We created Suavecito Tequila differently so that it could be enjoyed differently. With a flavor so smooth you have to try it to believe, one sip is all it takes. There are many ways to craft tequila, but there’s only one Suavecito Tequila.

Man harvesting blue agave

The Suavecito Method

Suavecito tequilas are made with highland-grown agave from the mountains of Jalisco using an extended aging process that goes beyond the regulatory minimum to create a rich flavor and a remarkable smoothness. We are the only brand to return 2% agave nectar back into our tequila to eliminate the unwanted burning sensation to create a more enjoyable drinking experience. Suavecito is so smooth one sip is all you’ll need to agree.

“One of Mexico’s Best Tequilas” – Forbes Magazine

Suavecito Gold Medal Winner Spirits Competition

Suavecito Gold Medal Winner Brand of Promise

Suavecito Gold Medal Winner Cigar & Spirits Competition

Suavecito Gold Medal Winner Beverage Tasting Institute

Tequila Cocktails

Explore new ways to savor the smooth, easy sipping flavor of Suavecito.

Mix it Up with Suavecito

Mixologists love Suavecito because it allows them to win over customers with unique recipes that make tequila their new favorite drink.

Ultra smooth, Suavecito’s flavor balances perfectly with a range of subtle flavors most tequila would overpower, opening up new combinations to explore.

Defy expectations and delight with every sip by switching to Suavecito, the tequila your customers will ask for by name.

Shot of the best Tequila

Enjoy Suavecito Tequila

Everyone Has a Suavecito Tequila Story

Where the stars sip and celebrate. Our presence at the Emmys, surrounded by renowned celebrities, showcased why they couldn’t resist exclaiming, ‘Oh my God, it’s the best I’ve ever had!’ Join us on a journey fueled by the endorsements of Hollywood’s finest, as we redefine tequila excellence

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